“What’s the situation? See how much we were on ice. We will see what we will play on Wednesday in České Budějovice, “Michal Dragoun said after Monday’s training, adding:” Those who were on the ice will play. I will be ready on Wednesday. ”

Even from these words, it is obvious that the statements of players who bulked” marod “and did not go to the Saturday match in Prostejov were not so common.

Dragoun, according to iDNES.cz information, is a party of players who did not agree with a strike that now pushes Slavia to an existential edge.

The oldest hockey club in Europe (1900) still lives in uncertainty and no one knows , what will be. “There are even betting app mobile those who have had a few clear days before.I also wanted to stay in Slavia, but now I really do not know. I’m waiting for the owner of the club, “says coach Milan Razý. Vladimír Pitter reassured on television that Slavia will finish the season a hundred percent, but is in a difficult situation and has no idea who to rely on. The player was against him, found out that the sport manager Luděk Bukač was also beating him, whom he wanted to release after the weekend events. But he had overtaken him and announced his resignation on Monday morning.Slavia, who has never had extra wide management, has split away a bit more.

Even if anyone knows how long Bukač will be out of work, as he talks about his connection to Richard Beniska, the great Pitt rival, who according to all signs well worth a coup in Slavia.

A well-composed and cohesive team has long been a thing of the past. On Monday, barely half of the squad was on the ice, which sportsbook bonus was also helped by veterans Pavel Kolařík and David Hruška.The first one has finished his big hockey career and the other one in Eden has been training for a long time individually, yet it is possible that these two will be good for Slavia.

Players are currently solving their own future instead of the crowd. “If most of them leave, we do not have to deal with the return to the extraliga, but rather the rescue in the first one,” said coach Razi. “And a bit resigned, he added:” I feel like a fool to ask players constantly whether they will be here tomorrow or not. ”

The show is far from ending up.