Sure, the series can not continue indefinitely. Three medals were fought by Czech athletes at the Salt Lake City Winter Games 2002.

Four in Turin 2006.

Six in Vancouver 2010.

And even eight in Sochi 2014.

Their medal collection increased every four years. But what’s next? Can the Olympic Pyongyang 2018 at least imitate the euphoria of games in Sochi?

The answer is: Yes, it can.

The evidence came to us by the ending winter. After all, the Czechs have won seven Unibet medals from the world championships in the Olympic disciplines. What can be read from this collection?

First of all, the preferences on the map of Czech winter sports have overturned in recent years. Just remember: in the 1960s and early 70s.Years has been a regular supplier of Olympic medals for figure skating. Since the 1980s, this role has been taken by classic skiing, whose representatives only returned from Lillehammer in 1994 without precious metals. But now? Classic skiers are experiencing the deepest crisis in history. At the World Championships in Lahti, their best individual placement of the 13th place was Jakše’s jogger and the Koudelka jumper, who later talked about the “great Unibet tragedy of all classical skiing.”

The Czech power base for winter games 2018 this time will create three Totally different sports: biathlon, speed skating, snowboarding.

It will be a very solid base. The Czech battalion should be grasped mainly by women.Just three this year is decorated with the title of World Champion and a total win in at least one discipline of the World Cup: Gabriela Koukalová, Martina Sáblíková and Ester Ledecká. Besides, this year, only one Unibet man, biathlete Ondřej Moravec, has reached the world championships.

Just below the podium were the speed skater Erbanová (4th and 5th), the biathlon relay of the women (4th), the slalomist Strachova .) And Biathlonist Krčmář (6.). There is definitely snowboarder Samková.

And then there is, of course, an unpredictable factor on behalf of the hockey team. Hockey players, however, still wonder whether or not the NHL stars will be the NHL stars.

Biathlon, whose five-year boom is unprecedented in the history of Czech sport, and which now attracts more than a million spectators to the TV shows.

2. Speed ​​Skating, a sport that does not have a single artificial oval in the Czech Republic.

3. Snowboarding, whose biggest star is a unique girl who controls the top level and speed ski alpine Unibet disciplines, for which there are no necessary training conditions in the Czech Republic.

THREE ČESKÉ MISTRYNĚ SVĚTA.Gabriela Koukalová, Ester Ledecká and Martina Sáblíková.

The preparation for the summit in Pyongyang 2018 will now become a game with details. Every one of them can help in the upcoming season.

That’s why Sáblíková plans to launch a cycling season so she will not lose live betting bonuses mental and physical freshness in the summer. That’s why the biathlete chief Rybář analyzes the extent to which the easier acclimatization in Korea can help the “halfway” concentration in Kazakhstan. That’s why Tomáš Bank, Unibet coach Ester Ledecká, certainly thinks about how to put it on, so that his hyperactive concierge does not fall into the eternal excess of self-effort.

We live in the era of exceptionally strong personalities of Czech winter sports.With their great contribution, Pchjongchang 2018 can also become the pinnacle of the pyramid of the successful winter games of the Czech expedition. So let’s take this unique time.

Sáblíková and Koukalová do not believe that they can be the last Olympics of their Unibet career. And surely it will be in the case of Strachova if he still decides to race in Korea. And when the current stars leave, it will be extremely difficult to replace the width of their medal shot.

Some pyramids sometimes fall very quickly.

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