VAL DI FIEMME Jan. 7 (SITA) – Slovak representative in cross-country skiing Alena Procházková occupied the most prestigious events of the current winter season – series Tour de Ski final 25th place. After missed the prologue, in which 23-year-old Banskobystričanka ended up forty-second, gradually moved forward and before the last stage even featured on the 23rd ranked. In the final race of fighter Although fell by two positions, but it is the 25th place in the general classification in the World Cup attributed 24 points, a very good result.She also won points in both sprints – in the first one in Prague she finished eighth, in the second in Asiago desiata in Italy.

“I think we can be very pleased with Alenina’s performance, and it’s confirmed that it is one of the world’s top elite, which we have set out for the season before, the Tour de Ski being twice the top ten. That we did not even count on it before the start of the series. It was all very demanding, not only for her but also for the whole team.We are happy that it all handled, the result is a confirmation of its present quality, “summed up appearances Alena Procházková on TdS her coach Ján Valuška.

“It was the most difficult race I have ever attended. The conclusion was really extreme. My goal was to not fall too much in the overall standings. After the previous stages I felt very tired. I very much wanted me to stay in best thirties. However, the skate is not my strong discipline. that slope is a Reaper. the competitor must spread the good forces. I tried to run so I did not solidify, get into convulsions.At the start of the final climb I had a little crisis, but gradually I overcame it. With his resignation’m happy, I think I do not have to be ashamed. I believe that I have disappointed their fans. Thanks to all who helped me with this result, “said SITA Alena Procházková.

In the general classification battle for the big crystal globe have slightly worsened – has dropped from 22 to 24th place in the evaluation of sprint 13 on the 15th rung and long runs, from 30 to 32 positions.Its results and placement in the current season, however, extremely pleasant surprise.

Prologue – 3.3 km classic technique:

1 Virpi Kuitunenová (FIN.) 9: 22.8 min…42. Alena Procházková (SR) +53. 7

2nd stage – 10 km free technique with chasing start:

1. Charlotte Kallová (Swe.) 25: 47.9 min, 26…Alena Procházková ( SR) + 1: 06.8

stage 3 – sprint equipment:

1 Arianna Follis (ITA.)…8. Alena Procházková (SR)

stage 4 – 10 km free technique with chasing start:

1. Charlotte Kallová (Swe.)…36thAlena Procházková (SR) +2: 09.3

Stage 5 – 10 km classic technique:

1 Aino Kaisa Saarinen (FIN.) 28: 55.7 min,…24. Alena Procházková (SR) 1: 23.2

stage 6 – sprint equipment:

1 Charlotte Kallová (Nor.), 10…. Alena Procházková (SR)

stage 7 – 10 km classic technique:

1 Virpi Kuitunenová (FIN.) 32: 48.1 min, 19…Alena a walking (SR) +36.6

stage 8 – free running uphill start chasing the machine:

1 Valentina Shevchenko (Ukr.) 34: 06,2 min.…33. Alena Procházková +3: Bet365 Kenya betting bonus 43.5

results 2ndgrade TDS:

1 Charlotte Kallová (Nor.) 2: 43: 01,0 h, 25,…Alena Procházková (SR) +7: 53.8

the order of the SP after TDS:

1. Charlotte Kallová (Swe.) 795 points…24. Alena Procházková (SR) 132

the order of the ratings so. long runs after TdS (small Crystal Globe):

1. Charlotte Kallová (Swe.) 289…32. Alena Procházková (SR) 19

The order of the ratings for Sprite (TDS small crystal globe):

1 Astrid Jacobsenová (NOR.) 192, 15,…Alena Procházková (SR) 89