Stoper Tomáš Sivok is already getting tired of long preparation and would like to join the European Championship with Czech footballers today.

Monday’s duel against defenders of the title is considered by the Spaniards as the hardest possible start of the tournament. “I think it’s more challenging than physically.” “I think it’s more challenging than physically.” “I think it’s more challenging than physically.I had the opportunity to play them twice, and it’s really a big bump on that psyche. One has to be ready when it comes, and it is not very pleasant, “he told journalists today, Sivok, who defeated the Spanish in qualifying for the previous European Championship in 2012.

Match “I think it will be totally different from the matches we played in preparation with Russia, with Korea. The coach wants us to play a lot. It follows that we are making mistakes because the coach wants to play, play, play at all costs. And I think it will not be too much for Spain. They do not let us play, “ meant Sivok.

” They play a lot of pressure, so you do not have time to think.In Granada (qualifying) I made a move from penalty ten meters behind lime and back. We had one corner there. You go over with Korea. Here’s more about concentration, footsteps, every wrong move. They play it both as the Barcelona handball and then wait for the right moment, “Sivok said.

For the disadvantage, he thinks that Spain in the general has been seduced by Georgia. Non-subdued. If they won 5: 0, they would probably think that we would probably be at the same level. This is how it gets in full concentration. I think it’s the hardest way for us to enter the tournament, “said Sivok.

But he can not wait for his team to enter the tournament. ” I’m tired of training , I’d rather go play.The training was very much, it is unnecessarily long, “said Sivok.

In Tours, where the team has a seat during the ME and where it will fly to the venue, it is not so much a champion. > “There are some posters somewhere or not. But when we arrive in Toulouse tomorrow, it will fall on us. When we were four years ago in Wroclaw, you’ve felt it, everywhere posters, people, screens, and we lived in the center. Here training and back, in Austria, too. It’s not like that, “Sivok compared Sivok to the city where it is played, as in Poland or outside.

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