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Sportpesa Customer Service: assistance and support

Those who need support can contact a specific telephone number indicated on the operator’s portal and available from Monday to Sunday from 8 onwards. There are also e-mail addresses for the most popular requests, such as those on registration, use of the game account and errors of all sorts of the system. Of course, you can also ask for the Sportpesa promo code.
Sportpesa reviews: opinions and opinions on the operator

The operator offers interesting and interesting promotions, which can betting analysis even the most experienced bettors. A particularity of the bookmaker consists in this sense in the increased shares on social media. The graphic sector appears fluid and lively even by the application, without slowing down in any operation. The safety standards adopted by Sportpesa represent a further guarantee in favor of responsible gaming by users.
Frequently asked questions about 1xbet bonus and Sportpesa promotion code

Why is the 1xbet bonus not yet displayed on the gaming account?

The bookmaker distributes some sort of electronic tickets, called “eCoupon”, which do not correspond to the normal credits on the gaming account. When you get the 1xbet bonus, this should already be active and ready to be deducted when operating in games that allow it to be used. The player can easily check when a ticket has been consumed, along with its expiry. As with the various 1xbet bonuses, not even eCoupon can be requested and used multiple times. All promotions are unique to individual, credit card, IP address, shared computer, etc. When issued, the ticket has a code that must be copied to the “Report eCoupon” area.
Are there other 1xbet bonuses besides the welcome code for the Sportpesa promotion code?

Yes, especially with regard to the tables of the Live Casino, useful for winning prizes among the most important of all sections of the game. Poker is no exception with games and offers that vary over time.
Why was not the winning of an online tournament immediately received?

Sometimes you can witness some problems in the electronic transmission of data from an online tournament, called in the technical jargon “misalignment” that prevents the system to immediately deliver the amounts won to the tournaments themselves. When this happens, the bookmaker instructs you to check again the winnings and to distribute them within 2 days. If you can not receive your winnings even after this time has elapsed, the player can request to be reimbursed by contacting Sportpesa directly.

How safe is 1xbet to bet and play with Sportpesa?

Sportpesa is legal and safe because it has a regular AAMS license, which also provides the users with a reassurance on the quality of the operator. Born in Africa several years ago, in a short time the operator has managed to expand throughout Europe, especially in England (there are, in fact, some initiatives addressed specifically to the Premier League football teams).

Compared to other competitors in the industry, the 1xbet bonus offered are perhaps not among the highest in circulation, but the schedule and the odds are undoubtedly among the best, considering the presence of a section dedicated to Poker and Bingo that are often snubbed by most of the bookmakers. At the end of the day, carrying out gaming operations and economic transactions is within everyone’s reach, constantly keeping the due prudence with regard to their own security, indicating, for example, the weekly deposit limits.

Sportpesa, however, particularly cares about the game responsible for its members, so it is available to come to their aid if someone seems to start taking behaviors that do not marry the common game philosophies.

Despite all the security measures and precedents that they should have taught, in Italy and in the world there are still (too) often news related to scandals of sports fraud.

There are numerous inquiries that involve prominent personalities in the context of the biggest scandals on 1xbet sports betting. It is not a coincidence that the most interested sport is football, an environment where millions of euros turn.

Drastic measures that should have served as a lesson, but apparently not enough, as these kinds of sports scandals break out again in 2015.